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     Series Name: Huey Vineyard
     Item Name: Queen Sleigh Headboard
     Model #: B128-77
     Dimensions: 63"W x 7"D x 44"H

Bedroom Mirror B128-36 37"W x 1"D x 41"H 40 lbs (Estimated)
Dresser B128-31 60"W x 16"D x 32"H 126 lbs (Estimated)
Five Drawer Chest B128-46 30"W x 16"D x 45"H 98 lbs (Estimated)
Full Sleigh Footboard B128-84 56"W x 7"D x 28"H 45 lbs (Estimated)
Full Sleigh Headboard B128-87 56"W x 7"D x 44"H 45 lbs (Estimated)
Full Sleigh Rails B128-88 55"W x 71"D x 11"H 32 lbs (Estimated)
King Sleigh Footboard B128-76 79"W x 7"D x 28"H 50 lbs (Estimated)
King Sleigh Headboard B128-78 79"W x 7"D x 44"H 66 lbs (Estimated)
King Sleigh Rails B128-97 79"W x 77"D x 11"H 37 lbs (Estimated)
Queen Sleigh Footboard B128-74 63"W x 7"D x 28"H 50 lbs (Estimated)
Queen Sleigh Headboard B128-77 63"W x 7"D x 44"H 50 lbs (Estimated)
Queen Sleigh Rails B128-98 62"W x 77"D x 11"H 35 lbs (Estimated)
Twin Sleigh Footboard B128-62 41"W x 7"D x 28"H 40 lbs (Estimated)
Twin Sleigh Headboard B128-63 41"W x 7"D x 44"H 39 lbs (Estimated)
Twin Sleigh Rails B128-82 40"W x 71"D x 7"H 28 lbs (Estimated)
Two Drawer Night Stand B128-92 20"W x 16"D x 25"H 45 lbs (Estimated)
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